Recovered Old Growth Cypress and Antique Heart Pine

Products From Estes Recovered Lumber - Need Wood?

We have a variety of wood, in Stock, and ready to ship: 4/4 and 8/4 random widths and lengths available in the Recovered River Cypress, and 4/4 in the Antique Heart Pine.

Recovered Sinker Cypress
Recovered Pecky Cypress
Antique Heart Pine

Also available in Recovered Sinker Cypress are the 2-4" solid slabs that vary in width up to 4' and in length up to 12'.

Wide Plank Solid Slabs
Artistic Pieces

We also offer a variety of Milling Services, contact us for pricing and schedule.

Tongue and Groove Boards
Heart Pine Flooring Planks
S4S and Dimensional Lumber
Beam Laminations

We also offer specialty wood acquisitions. Contact us if you are looking for hard to find lumber, of any type and we'll find it!

Solid Slab Furniture

We specialize in high end solid slab tables, bar tops, kitchen islands, and headboards made from our Wide Cut Recovered River Cypress.  These wide cuts are actually rare, as the pieces are only found in the dead center of raw, un-milled lumber that boasts a substantial width. They provide a continuous grain pattern throughout the piece of furniture for a stunning visual effect.
Every piece crafted is a one of a kind that enhances the beauty of the wood and destined to become an heirloom.  They can be created in many styles of décor such as contemporary, artisan, traditional and artistic.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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