Recovered Old Growth Cypress and Antique Heart Pine

Welcome to Estes Recovered Lumber, LLC

We have the best available!  Our Recovered Old Growth Sinker Cypress and Antique Heart Pine are far superior to any woods growing today.  We offer these woods simply because of the beauty, durability and the environmentally responsible way they are harvested.  No new trees are cut down, yet the properties of these Old Growth Timbers are unrivaled in any woods harvested in the United States.   
Estes Lumber, LLC is dedicated to supplying eco friendly reclaimed wood to architects, artisans, and homeowners involved in conservation towards a green world. We strive to satisfy all customers with quality, recovered or reclaimed woods of many types including Cypress, Pecky Cypress, Heart Pine, and the like. We also provide custom milling services, and are able to fulfill any size order.

About Estes Recovered Lumber

We are a Sarasota, Florida based company specializing in high quality Recovered and Reclaimed Woods.  We currently have a variety of Recovered Sinker Cypress in stock, as well as Antique Heart Pine that is available for shipping throughout the United States to be incorporated into any and all artistic endeavours.
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Why Recovered?

Recovered Lumber is an extraordinary resource for its beauty, unrivaled durability and its inherent history.  Using rediscovered wood helps preserve our forests by utilizing timber harvested hundreds of years ago while also providing a higher quality lumber.

This Old Growth Virgin Timber has very tight growth rings, making it denser while increasing stability and durability. The color, grain, figure and age provide a personal, authentic antique or artistic look to any project.  Sinker Cypress and Antique Heart Pine are used primarily for interior and exterior paneling, tongue & groove, trim, ceilings, moldings, table tops, flooring and beams, shutters and exterior millwork.
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